Saturday, 30 December 2017

Hey! Excuse me! Tap tap! (part 1)

My journey to Nottingham yesterday was speedy and pleasant.  I had no intention to stop off at any of the shops along the way, so I had secured sufficient funds for the Park and Ride.  When I arrived,  I noticed a tram already waiting. By the time I had found a suitable parking space it had pulled off. 
I wondered how long I would have to wait for the next tram...knowing that I had agreed to meet my friend at a specific time, in the Square.  To my amazement the next tram arrived so soon after that I did not have time to buy a ticket from the machine.  I got onto the tram knowing that if the Ticket inspector were to board the tram, I would explain my reasoning and pay.
The five stop journey was quick, and each time I hoped that the Inspector would board the tram; none did, and my journey ended.  
When I left the tram at my last stop, it did not occur to me that I should go and buy a ticket there and then for both my inbound and outbound journey. I vaguely thought I'd get a ticket on the way back. What was I thinking and feeling at that point? My thoughts were more focussed on meeting my friend, and taking a little more cash out of the bank for our morning's activities.
At 1 o'clock after an eventful morning, we decided that if we hurried a little she could catch her 1:10 bus, and I could then make my way back to the Park and Ride.  As I left her once she boarded the bus, I made the short journey to my tram stop; as I arrived, so did the tram, and I boarded it immediately.....with the intention to pay on the tram.  The next stop saw two Ticket Inspectors hovering outside.  I observed an elderly passenger opening her bag, after having seen them, ready, I presume to, show her ticket.  I knew I had the funds and would pay and explain once they came on.  The tram waited for a while, the doors closed, and off we continued on our journey, minus the Inspectors.  I did not breath a sigh of relief, I felt frustrated, and deliberated getting off the next stop, and walking the rest of my journey. Why? because in effect I was travelling free.
I remained on the tram, until the end of the journey.  The thoughts started to dance around in my head...well I've done the journey and I didn't pay.  Maybe God didn't let either of the Inspectors on, as It might have caused me a £50 fine. Maybe God 'let me off' because he knows my financial situation.
I got off the tram at my stop, and observed other passengers being supported to pay for their journey by a Ticket Inspector who had his back to me........What did I do?  What would you do?