Sunday, 25 February 2018

Hey! Excuse me! Tap tap! (part 2)

...So, what did I do? A verse in The Bible says: "If you know how to do good and don't do it, it's sin" (James 4:17)  How can I ignore such a direct instruction.  When I got of the tram, for a fleeting moment, just a fleeting moment, I thought, does it really matter now?  Of course if does.  We may be able to hide from or dodge the requirements of man, but God sees and hears everything.  He is our Conscience, for many of us, His residing Holy Spirit. 
When we are prompted to do good and what is right, do we really have a choice? yes, we do.  The choice is to do what is right.. if we ignore that we have chosen the alternative route, our alternative route.  Buying a ticket released me from the restraints of wrong doing.  It  was not my choice to not buy, because in that there is no choice,  if I'm travelling by tram, I need a ticket; as clear and simple as that.  Just like what it says in James, 'If I'm not doing the right thing, then I'm sinning'.
So what is the right thing? We live in a world where humanism and self gratification are consistent with a large part of society's belief.  If we do not fall into those categories, we are somewhat at odds with the rest of  society.  On the grand scale of things, it could appear that the minority are those who prefer to respond to our conscience and do the right thing.
'But', you argue, 'I don't do things wrong, are you saying I'm a bad person?' The look of irritation is profound as you challenge me, but let me challenge you.  The odd stamp from work, that you took out of the office stamp book, just one letter, they'll not notice.  The envelope, that was slipped from the pack, as you'd forgotten to bring the envelope you  needed to post the letter to your friend.  The several paper clips that you took from the box, to keep your own personal papers together.  The extra photocopying of legal documents sent to you by your solicitor for your house purchase. Oh, and how about all those teas and coffees you drank, and you never have change to put in the 'honesty tin'?
Some while ago, I wrote a blog about the Little Foxes that spoil the Vine.  One is not saying you cannot do those things mentioned in the previous paragraph, but did you ask permission, is it okay with your manager or boss? did you pay for the privilege in time or money?  
If we practice to be honest and true, we will do it automatically, because we will know it is the right thing to do; like the elderly lady who automatically began to search for her ticket when she saw the inspectors. Most importantly we will please our Divine Creator, Our Father God, who will "Daily load us with benefits, (Psalm 68:19), because He will, we won't have to duck and dive, dodge and disappear, we will be confident that what we have done is right, is pleasing, and He will bless us for our honesty and truth.  More importantly we will not be driven by our own humanistic gratifying desires, we won't be counted as thieves, or liars.  We will be true. True to ourselves and true to God.
So next time, you, we, find ourselves in a situation where we are unintentionally challenged, stop, think, give yourself a little 'Hey!  Excuse me! Tap tap!